The term 'supergroup' gets thrown around a lot and sometimes I think "but are they really a supergroup?" but it's safe to say that New York City-based band LÁ-BAS have it locked down. Not only is the band fronted by My Midnight Heart's Angelica Allen, film composer Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think), and Jordan Kern (Hot One), but they've also enlisted help from some of indie-rock's most revered bands. They've got Jon Natches, who you might know from Beirut or The War on Drugs, Daniel Mintseris (David Byrne, St. Vincent), Eric D. Johnson (The Shins, Fruitbats), Grant Zubritsky (MSMR, Doe Paoro), and tons of other musicians to help them out on their self-titled debut album.

That record drops on 12 May via Modern Imperial Recordings, and later that night the band will hit the stage in New York City for what's sure to be a serious party at Baby's All Right. I have no doubt they'll perform their new song we're premiering for you today, the funky 'Give 'Em Your Good Side'! A future-funk jam that sounds like it could soundtrack a disco up in the cosmos, Allen sings sweetly over the retro-sounding synths and playful percussion. If this is what disco sounds like in 2015 then I'm all for it, and I think you will be too when you stream 'Give 'Em Your Good Side' below!

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