Here's some new music from Wayfarer//, a musicmaker from Melbourne, Australia, who's employed the soulful voice of Donna Arendse – one half of Australian duo The Septembers – for a pretty and intense track called 'Night Games'.

Whilst Donna sings with blissful languor, holding onto each note with care, Wayfarer// spreads resonating, dusty piano chords and an increasingly bustling beat that ticks and booms alternately, conjuring up an intense tidal wave as the song crashes into its final third, sub-bass burrowing into your brain and synth chords speaking backwards across a desolate moonscape of sound, the beautifully noisy and synthetic vista of post-R&B-flavoured music.

You can download it for free, courtesy of Triple J.

Oh and if you like this, you'll probably enjoy the synth-heavy sounds of fellow Australian, Charles Murdoch.