With 2018 having properly gotten its feet under the table, the appetite for psych (and its infinite mutations) is the bubble that simply won’t burst as bands from around the world continue to plunge exciting new depths.

Fuzz Club, who represent the absolute cream of the crop, continue to keep the bar enviably high with the fifth volume of The Reverb Conspiracy compilation: 16 tracks masterfully curated treasure trove of the label’s alumni as well as a raft of exciting newcomers.

While there isn’t a single dud, ‘Flesh’ from Melt Dunes is an early standout that deftly explains why the South Coast is leading the way with hypnotic organ stabs and murderous yelps. Swedish kraut punks Sekel really knock it out of the park with the addictive ‘Bergamot’ and the glorious ‘A House on Fire’ from TRAAMS is still one of those tracks that immediately forces you to stop whatever it is that you’re doing. At the tail end of the compilation, Melbourne’s Black Heart Death Cult pull out ‘Black Rainbow’ which has enough breezeblock impact to surely - one day - fill arenas.

With a lineup as strong and varied as this, Fuzz Club’s deserved supremacy on all things psych can only grow further. Listen in full below: