There's something so unbelievably fresh-faced and dew-dropped about this brand new joint from Italian crafter of beats and maker of music, Jolly Mare. Usually a purveyor of funk, this track, 'Giu', sill keeps to a groove but it's one that feels alchemically non-disco.

It runs along in steady 2/4 rhythm, flashes with the hard stuttering of synth chords or staccato guitar, runs rampant with cosmic pings into the sparkling deep of night that this track conjures – meadows brushed with midnight breeze sweep across the landscape of this alternate reality, gentle hills pushed out of the ground by armfuls of gravelly bass, the treble drops in and out like fluctuating temperature, flying phantoms in the form of tinny vocal samples descend here and there, electric guitar fragments: the vista and the feeling, the fluttering of hearts; a reprise at the end glitters with unspoken, coiled threat.

Giu is not short for Giuseppe. I have been informed that Giu seldom stands for Giuseppe (which is usually shortened to "Beppe" or "Pino"); giu actually means "down" in Italian. This is out on Bad Panda Records. You can download it for free.