Here is something new from Slovakian band Nvmeri. Presumably from Bratislava, the trio make I suppose "post-rock" music – anything that is vaguely rock, but done differently, gets this title. There's something really nice about these guys though, and maybe it's because of all the different flavours mixed together. Not least in this, our track of the day for today, 'Entropy'.

Bass flutters later on in the song, guitars scream longingly, synth vox pans from left to right, in one of the most comprehensive, non-chorus-led outros to any song I've heard recently. It mixes an inescapable groove, conjured by the acrobatic drums and near-virtuosic funk of the bass, with more experimental parts – like that guitar for instance, struck with lightning and warped for a decidedly wavy feel – and a vocal that wouldn't sound out of place in a reggae song, for instance. In fact, there is something about the bounce in the rhythm here that is perhaps a little offbeat, much like reggae. But of course, your ears will tell you that it isn't any of these things.

It's its own thing, really. A smart rhythm coupled with interesting guitars and a dynamic, almost unpredictable structure. Also, fun fact: the singer (and guitarist) is none other than footwork producer FVLCRVM!

Discovery: If you liked this, I can almost guarantee that you'd like the slightly poppier stylings of Breton.