It's always fun quoting stuff from press releases, so let's go down that route: "Annabel Dream Reader sees the three-piece accomplish a dark and heady sound that embraces the black arts and the more extreme limits of rock, but which is never prescriptively macabre."

Thanks to those fine people over at NPR, you can find out if The Wytches' new album flirts with the black arts, or merely stares at it from a distance (a full week early too!).

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Digsaw
  • 2. Wide At Midnight
  • 3. Gravedweller
  • 4. Fragile Male For Sale
  • 5. Burn Out The Bruise
  • 6. Wire Frame Mattress
  • 7. Beehive Queen
  • 8. Weights and Ties
  • 9. Part Time Model
  • 10. Summer Again
  • 11. Robe For Juda
  • 12. Crying Clown
  • 13. Track 13

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