CharlieMay are a Los Angeles-based duo made up by Tanner Williams and Danielle Soury. They're "often in our feelings" and create "electronic beats with killer lady vocals" according to their respective bios on SoundCloud and Twitter, and after listening to their first and only release - the somewhat dreamy 'Anywhere But Here' - I'm rather inclined to agree with those statements.

"The song was written to capture the feeling of loneliness in a crowd or at a party, and finding someone you connect and feel instantly comfortable with, when you least expect it," explained the duo in an email to The 405. "In a college atmosphere where connections at parties usually equal sex, this song speaks about plain old human connection and finding a different kind of intimacy - and then getting the hell outta there!"

Although electronic duos are a dime a dozen, it's done in a rather refreshing way. There's some huge synths towards the end, while Danielle's glistening vocals run the show throughout. Think CHVRCHES but even cooler... and with one less member, obviously.

I, for one, cannot wait to hear more.