A glittery comforter of a track right here, as much neon signage and tall buildings and hotel lobbies in this one as there are warm and fuzzy feelings and the heady nostalgia of adolescent romance. The production in 'Sayonara' is beautiful, effusing slow-jam lust, a kind of heavy red wine of a sound, deep gold burgundy twinkling in the many-eyed gaze of luxury apartment lighting, vocal sample sprinkled throughout, a liquid flow of star-flavoured guitar croonings, synth flute fluttering like a 56th floor breeze as you watch the cityscape. Then the outro— a glistening fade-out not just of the song but out of the bliss of reminiscence.

This has been produced by Silver Richards. Who? A musicmaker, a Fortune 500 (vaporwave-y label-collective) affiliate. But who's that? Who's that rapping? Who's that talking about past girlfriends? Who's that with the relaxed, colloquial, amiable flow? Who's that talking about a girl who shared a common interest of Final Fantasy? Who is that? It's Gold Midas. A rapper from Florida, I think. These two should do more stuff together. This is seriously tasty stuff. Michelin star for both of you guys.

I also love the art.