London-based DJ and producer Throwing Shade has shared an amazing new track called 'Honeytrap' featuring Emily Bee. The track serves as a taster for her upcoming sophomore EP, Fate Xclusive, which is due out on May 25th via No Pain in Pop.

The track follows on from last year's 'Sweet Tooth' and is "the second in a series of sweet-themed love songs," she explains in an email to The 405. "It's a proper 'London'-sounding love song to me, and I wonder if other people will pick up on that too," she continues, saying she is "interested to see what different people's impressions and interpretations of my music turn out to be."

Regarding the artwork, Throwing Shade says she did it herself because "I had a strong idea of what I wanted it to be. It took me ages though because I had to basically teach myself illustrator and photoshop to do it. But it feels satisfying to know I've done it myself. I've chosen red as the colour of the record (the vinyl is also red!) because you never really see that colour so much these days. Everyone's doing the pastel kinda thing so I just wanted to react against that with a strong, deep, symbolic colour."

When asked where and when 'Honeytrap' would sound best, she replied that "whilst walking languidly through London on a hot summer evening." Perfect. Stream 'Honeytrap' below.