Boom! Here's yet another wildly incredible artist ushered into the Future Classic family: Thrupence aka Jack Vanzet, an Australian musicmaker from Melbourne, joins the neverfailing Sydney-based label for his upcoming album Lessons. Our Track Of The Day is taken from that album and it's called 'Don't You Mind'.

Blissful flashback-style strings with no end of delicious old-record crackle bring us into a jaunt of robust beats – gorgeously accented hi-hats, thudding dusty kicks and multi-textured snares. A drawn-out set of strings gold-glistens all the while in the background as samples from legendary bluesman Son House's song 'Grinnin' In Your Face' (whose message is a simple don't-pay-attention-to-fake-friends, in essence) echo with all their rich emotion into Thrupence's carefree, sun-drenched re-imagining. If you've had a long, shitty week, this one's for you.

This comes from the album Lessons, out 26th September 2014, on Future Classic, of course. In the meantime, grab 'Don't You Mind' for free from Bandcamp.

And, if you're interested, listen to Son House talk about the meaning behind his classic song.

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