In her youth, Rachel Brockbank was given the name, Tishmal. It means ‘hummingbird’ in Luiseño, the tongue of her Native American ancestors. The name stuck as it was gifted to her at a time when writing music went from curious exploration to earnest discoveries.

On January 24th, Tishmal drops her self-titled debut EP. With comparisons to Lana Del Rey and Tove Lo, Tishmal is ready to let her voice be heard.

“These songs all kind of stem from my nightmares and lucid dreams, that I've had since I was a kid. Songwriting is the way I've always navigated my feelings and expressed what's going on deep in my head. It's a cathartic process but it's also tainted with this urgency- like I have to share this with people ‘cause we're all struggling, and I want people to know the struggle can be beautiful.”

In anticipation of the EP debut, the 405 is premiering Tishmal’s latest single, ‘Concrete’. The track balances hazy atmospherics and vocal filters with tight pop beats and production but with an appreciation for indie-DIY roots. The way she attacks in the vocals in the final build-up - "well it’s taken me/ too long to see/ the sickening control you find in my pain" - is that urgency Tishmal utilized throughout the album.

Tishmal is here offering a reassurance it's good you dropped that toxic person from your life. Start your Monday mood off right with a little bit of ‘Concrete’ and a whole lot of validated self-worth.