I started out listening to this mixtape with no expectations in mind and emerged out the other side feeling good about it. Quote that and stick it in your press release.

But seriously, the quite anticipated SWITCH TAPE MIXTAPE (however you want to stylise it) is intense. From Adelaide-born Australian rapper Tkay Maidza, it moves through varying styles that basically all paint a different picture of dancefloor-based kinetic energy. It's filled with grinding synth, variegated rhythms of the rapper's rapid-fire flow, a Mortal Kombat sample, and plenty of Earth-bothering beats – hyperactive atoms bumping together for 35 minutes.

There are some nice synthpop feels most notably at around 14:00, with Tkay exhibiting as many pop sensibilities as sweaty disco box frenzies, such as the big band dancehall that rumbles beneath the hook of "stomp your feet like a brontosaurus"; there's some sparkling heart-thump pop-juke at around 22:00, and at like, 27:00, things get proper murky. Properly.

Featuring a bunch of tracks including remixes and edits all mixed together nicely nicely, it's a bubbling, nocturnally euphoric showcase of an artist who, from the sounds of things, is gonna be everywhere pretty soon. For starters, she's playing a string of shows for CMJ this year. Catch her there if you can.

Switch Tape mixtape tracklist:
Tkay Maidza – Always Been (feat. Swick & BOT)
Tkay Maidza – Switch Lanes (feat. Paces)
Tkay Maidza – MOB (prod. Elk)
Tkay Maidza – Finish Them (prod. Bok Bok)
SBTRKT – Everybody Knows (Tkay Maidza Edit)
Tkay Maidza – Brontosaurs feat. Bad Cop (Elk Drum Edit)
Swick and Lewis Cancut – Wishes (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Friend Within – The Monochrome (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Tkay Maidza – Forever (prod. Swick)
Tkay Maidza – Gangsta (prod. Elk)
Carmada (L D R U & Yahtzel) – Give It All (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Kilter – They Say (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Tkay Maidza – U-huh (prod. Elk)
Tkay Maidza – U-huh (Luke Million Remix)
Must Die! – Imprint (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Tkay Maidza -TM (prod. Swick and Lewis Cancut)
Tkay Maidza – Basskick Pump (prod. Swick)
Tkay Maidza – Trouble (prod. Motez)