Fly, fluid hip-hop here from Tropes. Tropes is a musicmaker from somewhere in the US – where? We don't know. But it kinda doesn't matter, does it? He's been featured on this site previously, so it's clear that our love for them runs deep and true. Coming fresh-fresh off the back of a set for Boiler Room NYC, one in the second series of sets curated by cassette-focused label, Dirty Tapes.

His latest upload, 'Sincere', yet again showcases his supreme knack for flipping snippets of rap; this one features mainly Andre 3000 (from Outkast's 'ATLiens',) but also AZ (from his track 'City of Gods') and Nas ('You Know My Style'). Their voices become rich and flavourful notes of yesteryear, ornamentations for the sunny-side-up, boom-bap beats, orchestra hits like golden comic book POWS in a sea of lounge licks with undercurrents of undeniably groovesome bass. It's like a rap supergroup emerges in every new Tropes track, a testament to imagination and pure love of hip hop.

Download Tropes' set for Boiler Room NYC X Dirty Tapes here.