UK producer making some serious waves at the moment, Two Inch Punch, has just dropped a pretty special track. Essentially a remix of Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' he's given it the "Let Me Love" Rework, taking that one particular phrase from the original and peppering it in this glockenspiel-glistening track for a nicely spliced refrain.

Skiffling beats clang in an icy rendition of R&B percussion - JT's vocals are crystalline, and slowed ever so slightly, providing natural hooks. By the end, we have a richly resounding track prickly with shuffling tick-tock percussion, joined by garage-esque synth string stabs in a glorious combination of romance and attitude - but in a dreamland of gleaming metallic droplets, reverbing magically in a veritable raining-down of sound.

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