If you were into the early 2000's emo scene at all, Vacationer's vocals might seem pretty familiar to you - that's because it's none other than Kenny Valosi from The Starting Line! He's joined by Body Language's Matthew Young and Grant Wheeler, and together they've crafted a sunny, tropical blend of indie pop that's perfect as the weather starts to warm up. When asked about the theme of the record, Valosi said “Whether through love, exploration or relaxing, we all strive for relief. It’s just a quick flip-of-the-switch away, and think it’s good to be reminded of that." That's definitely a message I can get behind.

Vacationer are currently out on the road in the states with Hellogoodbye, and you can find all of those dates here. Relief comes out on 24 June through Downtown Records, and you can pre-order your copy at iTunes!

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. Stay
  • 02. Paradise Waiting
  • 03. Glimpse
  • 04. Heavenly
  • 05. Shining
  • 06. In the Grass
  • 07. Parallels
  • 08. Vision
  • 09. The Wild Life
  • 10. Fresh
  • 11. Go Anywhere
  • 12. Onward & Upward