CROOX are a real mystery. Often described as a reclusive collective, while performing live they often appear in all black or in a cloak of darkness. It's intriguing if a little mystifying, but much like Sia's recent efforts, it puts the emphasis on the music rather than the packaging.

Earlier this month, CROOX released their TIDE EP which showcased their brand of minimal, electronic hip-pop, claiming early comparisons to the likes of James Blake and even The Weeknd. Today, The 405 premieres this excellent rework of EP cut 'Crying' by 19-year-old Canada-based artist VNCHY, who adds his own ethereal aura to the eerie, minimal track. "We love reworking our tracks with creative input from other artists," the group told us via email. "The sounds coming out of Canada at the moment really helped shaped tracks like 'Crying'. We have been a fan of VNCHY for quite a while and felt like he would be right for this track."

The original version of 'Crying' is available on SoundCloud along with the TIDE EP. CROOX will be back out on the road in March for dates in London and Brighton.