VNUSAMR is a Miami-based singer making a splash with her take on modern R&B.

She'll be releasing her first full EP, Church later this year but has been turning heads for a while, in anticipation of it. According to VNUSAMR, her music is about "overcoming adversity, setting the pace for [her] newly found inner peace and calm...[a] celebration of the ability to float through turbulence with love and light."

Her latest track, 'One Day', is modern R&B but with an old jazz feel to it too, with pops and hisses throughout like an old record. VNUSAMR's voice is able to tame itself and walk the line between fragile lamenting and strength through her underlying optimism. She sings: "Imma just pray/ one of these days/ one day, one day," like a mantra. This isn't her informing us, this is her reassuring herself. And it's this kind of vulnerability that allows the listener to connect with her.

But that's not all. VNUSAMR throws in some little twists that elevate the track even more. She states that she listens to trap and even has a verse where she raps. Then there's the recording of a pastor speaking about needing the strength of God and asking God to move an unnamed person. Again, this vulnerability is a breath of fresh air. VNUSAMR is not telling the listener anything- she is showing them everything.