"Once Warpaint's new widescreen ambitions became clear, it turned out that the very opposite was true. On their debut the Californian quintet hinted that they could be one of the brightest stars of the current crop, and although they went dark for a few years, they're back bigger and more full of life, and making good on that promise."

That's what we thought of the album, but thanks to NPR, you can stream the album a week early. The album is released on January 20th via Rough Trade Records.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Keep It Healthy
  • 03. Love Is to Die
  • 04. Hi
  • 05. Biggy
  • 06. Teese
  • 07. Disco//very
  • 08. Go in
  • 09. Feeling Alright
  • 10. CC
  • 11. Drive
  • 12. Son