Ani Bharadwaj is weird inside. No, that's not a description - that's actually his stage name and according to his website, he's a musician, animator and "an independent idiot" from Bridgewater, New Jersey. The good news is, he's not an idiot because the music he's been releasing thus far has been nothing short of outstanding.

Take his earlier released EP as we know; he's managed to successfully combine distorted and obscure sounds with well-crafted, controlled production for a body of work that tells a story but perhaps not the story that should have been told. At the time of its release, Bharadwaj said "[A little while ago], I set out to create a project with personal meaning, but without telling a specific story of a life that had been lived, so I decided to tell a backwards story of what would have happened in my own life, had I not made certain decisions."

Flash forward around six months or so and weird inside is back with a brand new single that perhaps puts as we know on the back burner. Largely an instrumental, 'little angels' is an ambient track backed by what feels more like a poem than lyrics to a record (the lyrics are available on SoundCloud too, if you're interested). On one hand, it feels like a sad, rather heartbreaking record but at the same time, there's an aura of optimism that makes you want to feel good. It's one of those records that'll have you all up in your feels, so watch out. Stream the track below via SoundCloud and be sure to grab a copy on iTunes and shoe your support.