White Fence's Tim Presley is back with a new album, For The Recently Found Innocent, which he recorded with Ty Segall.

"I was recording at home and felt like I needed some different path, sonically" says Presley of his work with Mr. Segall. "Ty had been asking me to record at his spot so that was always in the back of my mind. When I was recording at home I was starting to imagine what it would sound like with real drums, on an 8-track, rather than a 4-track, stuff like that. [There were] five records that I'd done already from home. I just needed to switch it up, involve people with it this time."

You can listen to the album below courtesy of NPR. For The Recently Found Innocent is released on July 22nd via Drag City.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. The Recently Found
  • 01. Anger! Who Keeps You Under?
  • 03. Like That
  • 04. Sandra (When the Earth Dies)
  • 05. Wolf Gets Red Faced
  • 06. Goodbye Law
  • 07. Arrow Man
  • 08. Actor
  • 09. Hard Water
  • 10. The Light Afraid Of What It’s Worth
  • 11. Fear
  • 12. Raven On White Cadillac
  • 13. Paranoid Bait

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