I'm not going to fuck around. This is the best song that Woahnows have released so far.

I know you love the other ones, I know, don't be mad at me for telling it as it is. Just turn up the volume real loud and hit play. Be ready to throw yourself around your house, and once you've learnt the words, to scream your voice bloody, it's infectious, you're predictable, and it's going to happen whether you fight it or not.

'Life In Reverse' is being released on cassette tape on June 20th, and unlike today, I bet that June 20th is warm and sunny in its honour. I can't hear it without imagining singing along in some sweaty club and screaming along, which is a good goddamn sign, anyway. I said I wouldn't fuck around, so without further adieu, we are proud to premiere the new Woahnows single. Tell your friends.

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