Woolf and the Wondershow are a brand new duo from Los Angeles, and that's really about all we know of them. Their bio says that the pair met "in a cave full of mellotrons beneath a snowy forest" which sounds like an environment straight out of the Chronicles of Narnia, but their promo image has a bit more of a Harry Potter feel to it - and all of those elements of adventure are present in their music, especially their new single 'Cages'.

It serves as our second chapter into the narrative of Woolf and the Wondershow, with the first being the infectious 'Cloaked', draped in shimmering synths and groovy rhythms. If their story was a happy one at first, 'Cages' finds things getting a bit more volatile, with swinging dark melodies that sound like something straight out of Vices & Virtues-era Panic! at the Disco (and I mean that in the best way), but paired with San Fermin-esque strings and harmonies that will make you swoon. Both 'Cages' and 'Cloaked' are streaming below, so go on and start your story.

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