Hello! So, this is Wu-Tang Clan's new album. It's called A Better Tomorrow and it's available to stream below via… not sure. Whatever that is. German? Maybe Dutch. A YouTube place, anyway.

You're lucky to be able to hear this. It's scheduled to be released 2nd December. Listen before it's taken down.

A personal highlight for me starts at 13:42 – 'Mistaken Identity' begins to play in, with its looped, aching guitar, smart piano and chant-able refrain. Got in my brain. Overall though, the vibe on the album conjures old-school hip hop to the highest degree – the beats and instrumentals are A-class, retro and sparkling, for the most part. In short, these guys have definitely still got it.

Best line? First one that comes to mind: "I seen nigga sniff coke through a crazy straw." (on 'A Better Tomorrow').

  • A Better Tomorrow Tracklist:
  • 1. Ruckus in B Minor
  • 2. Felt
  • 3. 40th Street Black / We Will Fight
  • 4. Mistaken Identity
  • 5. Hold the Heater
  • 6. Crushed Egos
  • 7. Keep Watch
  • 8. Miracle
  • 9. Preacher’s Daughter
  • 10. Pioneer the Frontier
  • 11. Necklace
  • 12. Ron O’Neal
  • 13. A Better Tomorrow
  • 14. Never Let Go
  • 15. Wu-Tang Reunion