Detroit-based post-punk quartet YOU. will be putting out their fourth album next month via Italian label AVANT! Records.

Bouquet follows their 2014 LP Sunchaser (released via Dais) and features nine tracks, one of them being the raw and gorgeously frantic 'Graveyard Method Actor', which we premiering here today. Described by the band as "feeling manic behind the world's best poker face," the tune clocks at little over two-and-a-half minutes, working as a sudden yet violent agitation. The label righteously points out, however, that their music "has always pitted its more reflective elements against the austerity of electronics, not so much as to create a warm sound as to invite the listener in as respite from the cold."

Bouquet is out on June 6th on vinyl and digital; stream 'Graveyeard Method Actor' below.