Sean Bowie has been a well-known name in the underground electronic scene for quite a while now, heading up Teams who have been making a fair bit of noise since the early 2010s. Now he's back with a new project, Yves Tumor, who released a few tracks last year, and a new single in the form of 'Dajjal' which, if you're interested, is also the Islamic equivalent of the Antichrist.

A looped jazzy piano riff kicks things off and continues to play under the surface while all sorts of discordant, slightly abrasive rhythms are piled on top alongside the heavily reverberated vocals that makes them almost unintelligible. Yet, somehow, this cacophony of noise that, on paper, would just sound like noise seems to form itself together into something quite interesting. It's like staring at a Magic Eye puzzle, all random colours and bits of images, until, suddenly, everything fits together nicely and you get something wonderfully weird.

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