Hop aboard the bandwagon now before it leaves - her new self-titled EP is out today on B3SCI/Pinetop Records and it's one hell of a debut. Below, you can stream its final track 'Hypnotic', which is laced with attitude and confidence, and may be my favorite tune on the EP. Those of you in the US are in luck, too, as she's nabbed a spot as iTunes' free single of the week with 'Hypnotic', and you can download it here.

Those of you attending CMJ this week can catch her at both the New Shapes showcase and The Wild Honeypie's event, with dates and times listed after the track.

  • CMJ 2014 Tour Dates:
  • 10.23 // NYC @ Santos Party House (Neon Gold 'New Shapes') - 7:30p set
  • 10.25 // NYC @ BK Night Bazaar (Wild Honey Pie 'Beehive') - 11:00p set

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