It's a gamble, but sometimes the first few seconds of a track are enough to tell that it's gonna go in a very nice direction, and from the first pulsar buzzings of this track, you can tell just that. The track in question is the brand-spanking-new 'Grace' and it's by Zola Blood, a band (maybe) from who-knows, named after either Émile Zola (French author & important liberal) or Gianfranco Zola (Italian man and important footballer).

That same buzzing, maybe more of a cosmic squelch, founds the song in an electric mire of sound, chopped into the streamlined shape of dark, nocturnal electro, enjoined by phantomatic falsetto vocals reverbing into the void. Guitar pings in echoing haloes and hollowed-out arpeggios pop above the sparse beat. In its final third, waves of synth saw through your ears as the drums ornament that once minimal beat with urgent snare fills, and guitars build themselves in golden, fugue-like architecture.

That should be enough to whet everyone's appetites for Zola Blood's future musical output, at the moment destined for release on Pond Life Songs.