For many years, Chicago has been a hotbed of musical talent. From Buddy Guy to The Smashing Pumpkins to Wilco to Kanye West to Chance The Rapper, the city has provided a diverse and exciting selection of artists for the world to enjoy.

In recent years, the city has become the epicenter of the rock n' roll renaissance. Along with Nashville, Chicago is home to more than its fair share of exciting young talent. Bands such as Twin Peaks and Whitney are leading the way, but the city has become a bastion for old fashioned rock n' roll with many of these groups highlighting why the city is such an exciting place for music lovers everywhere.

Strange Faces

David Miller formed Strange Faces as a solo project after a brief stint with Twin Peaks in their formative days. His influence seems to have stuck with the group as his love for '60s-style hooks can be seen reflected in the great new record Down In Heaven from Twin Peaks. Furthermore, Twin Peaks guitarist and vocalist Cadien Lake James has remained friends with Miller and even helped mix the band's recent debut LP, Stonerism. That record is full of fuzzy guitars and sweet lyrics that practically beg to find their way onto a summer playlist. The Twin Peaks connection may help get Strange Faces in the door for a lot of people, but make no mistake, Miller and his cohorts have a fabulous sound here that will earn a lot of fans in due time.

White Mystery

The project of guitarist and vocalist Miss Alex White and her brother/drummer Francis Scott Key White, White Mystery possesses innumerable quirks. They are named after a flavor of Airheads. Formed in 2008, they claimed to have played 300 shows in their first three years. Since releasing their 2010 self-titled debut, they've released an album (or, in 2015, a feature film) every single year and always on the same date -- April 20. But for all the idiosyncrasies, at their core, White Mystery has a compelling approach to rock music that has been honed over the years. Their most recent album, Outta Control, is jam packed with tightly performed earworms. Whether playing a rash of shows in their hometown or on the road, White Mystery is not to be missed.

Flesh Panthers

Flesh Panthers is a quartet that has bopped around the Chicago music scene for quite some time, playing alongside many of the bigger bands to either come from the city or pass through. But with the impending release of their LP, Willows Weep, things seem ready to blow up for the group. The record's lead single, 'Last I Heard,' is an intoxicating listen. With a country slant and honky tonk piano, the song showcases a number of previously unseen nuances from the band. With a hearty collection of songs already in their repertoire and reputation for busting their ass at their craft, Flesh Panthers seem poised for their turn in the spotlight.