From time to time, you’ll find an artist that channels a classic genre so perfectly, they seem to exist outside the contemporary. Leon Bridges’ debut album was one such gem, and joining his ranks is Jalen N’Gonda, with his new Talking About Mary EP that honours soul legends with its heart-wrenching honesty. Listen to his latest single 'Don’t You Remember', ahead of the EP’s release tomorrow.

While its title is reminiscent of the Earth, Wind & Fire hit, N’Gonda’s message is more forlorn. “Don’t you remember the times we spent alone?” he asks, attempting to jog the memory of an old lover as if to rekindle those feelings. “I know it’s been so long, don’t you remember?” he pleads; the fire in his heart never went out and has driven him to the falsetto notes that he hits in the final chorus. Light coos and hi-hat taps follow N’Gonda as he strolls through the good old times, until he is forced to resign to the loneliness of his one-sided memories.

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