Ever wondered how record companies find forum posts that link to music stored on a file sharing website and have them deleted even though the file name has no association with the artist or album? What? You’ve never looked at forums where music is shared you say? Well obviously we haven’t either but just in case you were wondering how these files were deleted it would seem a coalition of record companies called proMedia are behind it.

The anti-piracy group features major record companies such as EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner and all of them have been pumping money into a scheme which some circles are branding underhand. It would appear the company have employed students to delve into file sharing sites, blogs and forums and report back to the group the details of their fellow students posting the links or using Torrent sites or P2P networks.

The argument will wage for a long time to come on illegal downloading but do you think the record companies have taken a step too far or do you think they are well within their rights to use any means necessary to protect their assets and the work of their artists? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.