Plant Plants are Howard Whatley & Stuart Francis, whose unique blend of vocal & guitar led electronica first caught the ear of specialist producer Jas Shaw shortly after they formed in 2011.

Jas Shaw is one half of Simian Mobile Disco. His production credits include Gold Panda, Peaches, Cocknbull Kid & Klaxons (to name a few).

Both parties are currently in the SMD studio working on Plant Plants new material, to be released spring 2012.

A Day in the Studio with Plant Plants & Jas Shaw:


Howie and Stu arrive renowned music hub 'The Premises’, which houses SMD's studio. Jas is already there, modifying the largest modular synth in South East England (which he began building in 2005). He looks like he has not slept.


With Plant Plants having set up their workstation, Jas imports the beats and synths into his rig while both parties listen to the demo version of today's track. Jas has another coffee.


Having spent 4 hours pimping the living shit out of the drum & synth tracks with vintage effects units, pedals & a tape machines … the room begins to smell of a pungent cigarette or mild cigar. Jas & Plant Plants hit the Premises Cafe hard.


The guitars are re-recorded and pushed through a combo of vintage Selmer heads and Fender twin amps. The last few hours having passed in the blink of an eye, Plant Plants and Jas find themselves back in the café. Howie lists his top 30 Hammer Horror films. Stu expresses his love for 70s film director Ralph Bakshi. Jas has another 2 coffees.


Both parties have one last listen to the finished, mixed track. The past 3 hours have been about the final mixdown, then re-separating the sounds for Plant Plants to resample for their live show - six retro samplers triggered to rebuild the song live.