Stuff gets leaked all the time, songs, whole albums, whatever – it doesn't mean you're privileged to say ridiculous things like Madonna did yesterday – "Obviously there is a person, or a group of people, behind this that were essentially terrorising me" (yeah, 'obviously', sure there is, it's so obvious, how could we be so stupid) – and even going as far to call it "artistic rape". That's a very dramatic way of putting it. But just because you're Madonna, doesn't mean you're allowed to be the only one who throws a hissy fit about it. Artistic rape indeed.

Anyway, latest to be leaked like a stream of urine from a toiletless child is Sleater-Kinney's upcoming album, No Cities To Love. I didn't, and still don't, have any clue who this is but I found out it's some sort of "Rock band" which is uninteresting. I was hoping it was something else but I don't know what.

The leak arrived courtesy of the label releasing it, Sub Pop, who mass-emailed subscribers a link for early access to the album. However, it was a bit too early, and apparently a genuine mistake:

"While we have every intention of giving you early access to that stream, the truth is we made an error in granting that access today. We wish we could blame an elite squad of foreign hackers bent on disrupting our meticulously planned release but the truth is we just messed up."

Oh. Um, is that it? I kind of wish it HAD been an elite squad of foreign hackers.