Sub Pop have recruited a new member of their A&R team, in the form of their own signee Ishmael Butler - the rapper and producer behind 2010's hip-hop act Shabazz Palaces.

Butler's new role will see him help find and develop new talent. He revealed to Billboard that he's been working with Sub Pop to learn more about the industry, with a view to eventually start his own imprint label.

Working in A&R, he said that he'll be looking for "artists that are more musically inclined rather than image inclined" and says there is plenty of room in the pop world for artists who are "corny."

Butler also said that his focus at the moment was on the new Shabazz Palaces record. Though he added, "But when I’m not doing that or on tour or something like that, I'll be here doing the best I can for the groups that are on this label and trying to find new ones that are hip and cool."