There's no denying the album artwork for Suddenly Sunshine's Summer Days EP is beautiful. The combination of this artwork along with the band and EP name had me quite excited, I was expecting maybe some dream-pop, or the kind of lazy ambience that you just want to let wash over you as you lie in a field drinking cider with your friends.

Sadly, the music itself doesn't live up to the promise. Falling somewhere between genres, there's not enough affectation for it to be twee, not enough bounce to be pop, the chords are too straight for folk, it's quite hard to actually categorise, but the closest I could come was "mediocre".

'Summer Days', the first track on the EP, starts off quite promisingly, with a nice rhythm that burbles along, and some great use of brass that reminds me faintly of 'Penny Lane'. After a while though the vocals started to become irritating, the female singer is straining slightly too hard to reach those top notes, and although you'd have thought that having two singers would be a great reason to knock out some wonderful harmonies, they spend most of the song (and indeed the EP) singing in octaves. The song finishes with what could be quite a catchy singalong chorus, but the lyrics; "Make it better, summer days, summer days, make it better" are just too vague to evoke any emotion.

'Spanish Mermaid'has a lot more going for it, and the vocals at the start suit the singers far better, but it follows an identical progression to the first track; slowish, acoustic start, becoming more poppy when the drums kick in, then the brass, some "woo-woo-woo's" and an abrupt, unsatisfactory ending.

'Lonely Planet'" is obviously their attempt at a darker, more serious song, but for me they just don't quite nail it. The high female vocals in this grate far more than they have in the other two songs, and it can't just be me that finds it hard to connect with a song that keeps repeating the words 'Lonely Planet' over and over again.

The high point of the EP is definitely the Isan remix of 'Summer Days', which turns the track into something far more atmospheric and interesting with some wonderful strings, but it's so far removed from the rest of the EP that it just winds up feeling out of place.

It's not a terrible EP, by any means, and I can definitely see some potential in the musicality, but I don't really feel as though they have anything special. It might just be that they're still growing into their sound, but I'm not sure they'll go far on the back of this.