Sufjan Stevens is no slouch when it comes to releasing new music and touring, this year he has already put out Planetarium with a bunch of his musical friends as well as the Carrie & Lowell Live album, but he's not done yet. Coming on November 24th is a new release The Greatest Gift, which he's terming a 'mixtape' full of outtakes, remixes and demos from his adored 2015 album Carrie & Lowell.

While the demos and remixes will surely be of interest to all Carrie & Lowell enthusiasts, the most exciting part of The Greatest Gift will be the four previously unreleased songs from the same recording sessions that yielded the album; 'Wallowa Lake Monster', 'The Hidden River of My Life', 'City of Roses', and 'The Greatest Gift'. Remixes on the album come from the likes of Helado Negro, Doveman, James McAllister and Sufjan himself remixing 'Drawn To The Blood'.

You can hear the delicately atmospheric 'Wallowa Lake Monster' below, sounding like a classic slice of Sufjan's inimitable God-fearing soul displayed beautifully under the expansive night sky.

Asthmatic Kitty will release The Greatest Gift digitally, on yellow cassette and on yellow vinyl on November 24th.