Despite Seven Swans celebrating its 10th birthday recently, Sufjan Stevens has decided to shine the spotlight on a different album from his back catalogue.

Asthmatic Kitty have confirmed that 2001's Enjoy Your Rabbit will be pressed on vinyl for the first time. Despite possibly being his least popular album, Sufjan fans will be keen to pick this up when it goes on sale June 14th.

Check out the tracklisting below:

  • 1. Year of the Asthmatic Cat
  • 2. Year of the Monkey
  • 3. Year of the Rat
  • 4. Year of the Ox
  • 5. Year of the Boar
  • 6. Year of the Tiger
  • 7. Year of the Snake
  • 8. Year of the Sheep
  • 9. Year of the Rooster
  • 10. Year of the Dragon
  • 11. Enjoy Your Rabbit
  • 12. Year of the Dog
  • 13. Year of the Horse
  • 14. Year of Our Lord

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