Founder and former CEO of Deathrow Records Suge Knight has apparently decided that now would be a great time to throw down with Rick Ross. In a recent interview with an LA radio, Knight takes offence from Rick Ross’s release of ‘Tupack Back’ last year. Claiming that it was an insult to work with, in his eyes, the man responsible for Tupac’s death.

"If you’re gonna be with the guy [Diddy] who killed Tupac, you cant turn around and do a record saying ‘Tupac Back… Puff Diddy be the guy, who had something to do with killing Tupac."

He then goes on to openly call out Rick Ross, claiming that he’ll"‘beat the dog shit out of Rick Ross cause I feel it’s wrong to manipulate these people out here…I’m not saying this as a publicity stunt as I’m not a rapper, I’m saying this as a grown ass man it’s not right what I see them doing to our people" with the loser shaving off their beard.

It’s unlikely that anything will come of this, but who wouldn’t love to see the two big men fight it out in a cage in the name of Tupac’s legacy. Although I’m not so sure Rick Ross would want to risk putting the best beard in rap on the line, but here’s hoping.