Back in April, Sui Zhen discussed her latest venture with the 405, hinting that Secretly Susan would be full of "dubby-loungey-bossa-femme feels", and that the focus would be on "character and personality" - a key component of her back-catalogue. Excited?

Becky creates the sort of interesting, playful pop music that never tires - so we'll be making sure we keep August 28th free to bathe in her brilliance (that's when the album is released, just in case you hadn't made the connection.)

Check out the tracklisting below, along with a stream of 'Infinity Street'. Pre-order the album by heading here.

  • 1. Teenage Years
  • 2. Hangin' On
  • 3. Take It All Back
  • 4. Dear Teri
  • 5. Going Away
  • 6. Walk Without Me
  • 7. Infinity Street
  • 8. Safari
  • 9. Never Gone
  • 10. Alter Ego