A quick tour through the catalog of Baton Rouge producer James Prudhomme, better known as Suicideyear, reveals a deeper than most appreciation for the world of Southern style rap. His Soundcloud leads pretty well to that conclusion, but even grazing through 2013's Japan, which is largely comprised of completely original material, makes it obvious.

Prudhomme's sudden emergence and unearthed potential earned the attention of experimental producer virtuoso Daniel Lopatin, who fronts the celebrated label Software Recording Co. Last year, between Florida and Louisiana, Prudhomme wrote and constructed his soon-to-be released debut EP on the label, which includes the new 'Hope Building A'.

Prudhomme's trap inspirations are apparent again, but for his newer work under Lopatin, there's a more delicate refinement of atmospheres. 'Hope Building A' is less ATL and more whispy, akin to the spirited styles of Ryan Hemsworth. The dayglow aura of the single is positively dreamy, with echoed clangs ringing like a forgotten snow day, making it impossibly alluring.

Suicideyear's Remembrance EP will debut September 23rd. Pre-order a copy today.