With the release of their debut EP, dot wave, lurking around the New York, the sultry Brooklyn trio Bedstudy is releasing a stunning video for their new single, '12.'

The video, which couples gorgeous cinematography with lush animation, is the perfect complement to the melancholic funk of Bedstudy. The group's eclectic sound, mixing R&B, pulsing synth-pop and even a dash of indie pop, makes for listening that is equal parts relaxing and cathartic. The expressive vocals of Peter Baldwin play brilliantly off the drums of Ranson Vorpahl and the production of David Plakon.

Check out the video for Bedstudy's '12' up above and keep their upcoming EP, dot wave, tucked away in your mind. Its due out next year via Grand Jury Records and you won't want to miss it. And New Yorkers can check out the group this February. More information is done below.

  • 08 February - Elsewhere; Brooklyn, NY