Ready to get your brain flooded with a beautiful bit of romantic ambience? It comes from Stockholm-based producer Sum Comfort, someone with just a couple of songs uploaded to SoundCloud, the latest of which is only a day old and which is our subject right now: 'Watch Your Step'. The fragmented, lo-fi beats here reverb into the recesses of your mind, shot with cool-breeze synth that softly drapes itself under the voice of Ji Nilsson.

The fellow Stockholmer (???) lends her rich, nonchalant tones to the subtle throwback beats of Sum Comfort, adding glossed-out silkiness in staggered harmonies. It's a fantastically slow pop-jam that calls to mind a particular late-90s sound, summoning the spirit of Mariah in places to inject a diva-esque danger beneath its sultry-smooth surface.

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