Summer Camp have announced today that their new album is finally finished. With only the artwork and the rest of promo and presswork to be tied up, they now find the time to ease up and reflect.

It can be said that it has not exactly been "easy" for their creative process to materialize as they tried to incorporate new ideas like: mixing together different songs instead of a full one session track or suggesting the use of steel drums on the album, none of which made it on to the album. When they reached outward instead to their friends for inspiration, memories of The Olympics was not exactly what they had in mind. However, they trudged on and somewhere in between watching The Wizard of Oz, making mood boards and a meticulous attempt to make the entire 10 track album, they have pieced together of what is now a coherent package of sound to listen to. Be sure to stay on the lookout for its release!

For the full rundown, head over to Elizabeth Sankey's website.