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Summer Ghost is the new project of former Among Brothers' member Alex Comana. 'Feels4Ever', his first EP released on Jen Long's label Kissability, has the makings of a confident producer but little else at this stage.

The production on the opening two tracks of this EP whets the appetite quite nicely. 'Rain Lust' has an eerie pop aura, with its slow turning mix of tumbling drums and piercing synths. The title track follows in an equally unsettling, dreamy fashion. It has a particularly fine moment when the track breaks downs into a frenetic bristle after the first verse - it has a similar seductive energy that FKA Twigs harnesses. It's a little bit freaky and strange and I kinda like it. But just as Summer Ghost is about to eject his ectoplasm all over my face, we hit an awkward note with 'Penpolion'.

On the surface it all sounds fairly pleasant until you realise it's a complete rip on How To Dress Well, in particular, the superb '& It Was U'. The arrangements are very similar with little instrumentation apart from a deep, echoey bass drum beat and close falsetto vocal harmonies. Even if this was an accident, the tune itself doesn't leave the impression one images Comana hoped for. Most of melody is forgettable and the lyrics, "searching for change in my pissed stained jeans," can only make you feel sorry for the poor washing machine that has to deal with Comana's pissy underwear. What a mess. A pissy, pissy, pissy mess.

The upside of 'Penpolion' was at least Comana's voice suited the sparseness of the song. The next track 'Milk' is quite the opposite. Strained, sore and whiny, it sounds horrible. For a brief moment I thought I was being punished for something shitty I did in a previous life. The music on its own wouldn't be so bad but, again, it's similar to tracks found on HTDW's Total Loss, perhaps mixed with the more spectral elements of Evian Christ. The similarities to these two artists throughout the EP are heavy and generally distracting.

That's not to say there isn't some heart and sincerity in this record. 'Punx In Love' is beautifully restrained and it is filled with moments of real finesse. The luscious string melody or Comana's whimpered delivery during the second verse; both provide a cathartic antidote to the copycatting and grating vocals of the previous track.

There is some promise to be found on Feels4Ever. The only problem is that there is too little of it on display here to warrant coming back for a second listen. Maybe next time?

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