For many, it is the "vibe" of a song — the palpable emotion, the stirring sensation of a distant memory —that can leave a lasting impression. Few know this better than Sun Airway , a dreamy electronic pop group hailing from Philadelphia.

The emphasis on emotion was front and center on the group's previous single, 'FOAM,' and it is the focus here yet again on 'All In,' a shimmering song that puts vibrant images of sunsets on summer evenings in the forefront of one's mind. Featuring vocals from Cynthia G. Mason, the nostalgic and mildly lethargic love of 'All In' is as beautiful as it is painful.

Check out the roller disco-styled music for 'All In' below and keep your eyes open for Heraldic Black Cherry, the new album from Sun Airway due out on Jan. 27.