Sun Araw is as prolific as ever lately with his latest venture being a collaborative record between himself, M. Geddes Gengras and dub reggae vocal legends The Congos.

Entitled ICON GIVE THANK, it’s a record comprising of the two LA-based artist’s melodically experimental meditations ornamented with The Congos' soulful vocal leads and four-part harmonies. Furthermore, the record will be accompanied by a feature-length ‘travelogue’ by Tony Lowe that documents these musician’s times together. Titled ICON EYE, it is made up of secret moments from the studio, fishing villages, late night dances, abandoned hotels and The Congos' yard, all blended into a strange tapestry for your audio-visual pleasure. Co-production comes from Sam Fleischner, who previously worked with Lowe on the 2011 documentary Below the Brain.

FRKWYS Vol. 9 - ICON GIVE THANK and ICON EYE will be released April 10th 2012 on CD / DVD, LP / DVD, and as a digital bundle.

You can listen to Sun Araw's 'Plastic Platform' mix for us here, and the trailer for ICON EYE, below.