Label: Unsigned Release Date: Out Now Link: When I was younger, if it was a nice day, my family would hire a boat out and have ourselves a little adventure on the Norfolk Broads. Generally these occasions were splendid but I remember one day we were cruising along quite happily when all of a sudden some derranged, and quite possibly suicidal, swan came out of nowhere and decided to chase us down the river. A lot of squaking and photo taking ensued but the one thing that stuck in my mind was my dad telling me to move away from the edge because "a swans wing is so powerful that It could break your arm". If Sundayschool have a pet swan that they plan on training to become sort sort of deadly, arm breaking machine, then I have some sorry news for you guys; It's very unlikely that a swan can break your arm. Thankfully I know for a fact that these guys don't have any such plans, they much prefer to create fuzzed out danger music. Each song on the EP perfectly shows off just how diverse this band are. The opener, 'Little Happy Harmony' sounds like classic early Manic Street Preachers, they follow that up with the it-reminds-me of-my-childhood type song 'three little whip'. Taking in 'Art' is like listening to a very British downtempo Smashing Pumpkins, which can't be bad right? The rest of the EP continues to evolve until we're left with the 7 minute mash-up called 'rest assured'. I realise I've already mentioned the Pumpkins in this review but I honestly think that Sundayschool should explore that area a little bit more because when they go for it, this band sound great. They just need to get a bit of anger in them. Rating: 6/10