Coleman Zurkowski’s latest LP is a brilliant meditation on silence. Called ZERO, the work is resplendent in drawn-out brass notes and various ambient hiccups. Featuring an orchestra comprised of harp, clarinet, and piano, it conjures a curious yet ominous aura. If you look at the tracklist, the record counts down from '9', but '0' is far from the end; visual accompaniments include a film by the same name to which this album is actually the score, not to mention he’ll be hosting a release show at Wonders of Nature art gallery in Brooklyn on April 15. He now adds a music video to the mix.

The Baltimore-born, New York-based artist emphasizes a nostalgic element to the project with his new clip for '4'. It flits between Super 8 home footage that adds to Zurkowski’s already overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The images in a real sense are frozen in time, thawing slowly as reds and blues bleed back and forth across the screen. The memories seem to be mostly happy, which alongside low drones can create a cognitive dissonance–a blissful one at that.

The album release is the first in the Arthur King Presents series on Dangerbird Records meant to showcase experimental music. It honours LA supergroup Arthur King & The Night Sea as psychedelic pioneers, and has the potential to build up young ambient-drone producers by giving them their own spotlight. ZERO is a natural fit, and I can’t be the only one to look forward to more from this series. And more from Zurkowski, too.

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