Moving from Milan to London in search for greener pastures, the clamorous quintet of Super Paradise has spent the past year building a following with the release of several contagious Lo-Fi singles and EPs. Spearheaded by frontmen Francesco Roma and Nicolò Spreafico, the hard-at-work outfit has unleashed yet another frenzying new single, ‘6:30’ along with a music video for the colossal-sized exhibition of garage rock.

Stepping into a realm in which they themselves prescribe as dream-garage, ‘6:30’ doesn’t come across as such through its initial moments. However, razor-sharp guitar riffs which are quintessentially garage and even lean a bit surf, fritter away into a near-three-minute long passage of distorted bass and meandering guitar clusters.

Nevertheless, the long-winded segment makes clear as to what the band means by dream-garage—it insights thought through constantly shifting textures of sound, but keeps listeners grounded once the initial hook circles back to close out this garage rocker of epic proportions.

The raucous dreamers have detailed the inspiration behind this dynamic journey:

“The main inspiration came from ‘6:30’ as a Caribbean dance move” explains lead vocalist Francesco, “I like that it could also mean 6:30 am, dawn. End of the night, end of the dance. It’s always a bit of a weird time. You could still be out after an insane night, yet you’ll walk past people who are doing the complete opposite on their way to work. There’s a bit of uncertainty about it.”

Watch the official music video for ‘6:30’ above and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

Catch Super Paradise live on the following dates:

6 April | Shacklewell Arms, London
16 May | Off The Cuff, London
21 May | SET Dalston, London