"Poptimism" is, to the best of my knowledge, a term invented by Tennessee band Superbody. But that does not make the term any less appropriate for the brand of 80s-style pop they preach. After all, how else would you describe the effervescent aura around a track like 'FALLING 4 U,' the latest single from their upcoming LP, Youth Music?

Following up on the punchy pop of lead single 'Patricia,' vocalist Robert McCurry and multi-instrumentalist Caleb Dills have continued their winning formula of home-brewed maximalist pop and winking 80s aestheticism on 'FALLING 4 U'. The wink is purposefully and strikingly unsubtle, done entirely out of love for a bygone era that most people draw from, but few embrace full on. These two, for their part, cannot be accused of half-assign their appreciation for the 80s. Part of that commitment meant that Superbody challenged themselves to work within, by modern standards, very limited parameters, to create this sublime slice of pop heaven.

"'Falling 4 U,' both the song and video, come from the desire to create within strict restrictions," says McCurry. "We wanted the song to answer only to the call of one sole synthesizer sequence and the video to answer to only the colors themselves."

Superbody's second LP, Youth Music, is due out on March 24 through Good Sadie Records. The band is also embarking upon its first proper tour of the U.S. throughout March and April. Dates and venues for the tour can be found below.