Superchunk have announced their new album will be entitled, I Hate Music. The tenth studio album from the North Carolina four-piece will be released on 20th August via Merge Records.

The band have said in a statement on their website how the "title isn't tongue-in-cheek, but it's really more a question than a statement; When you're 20, lazy co-workers and romantic missteps number among your biggest worries; two decades later, life's bigger questions knock louder and louder, demanding answers."

It continues, "I Hate Music is an album about love more than anything else: love of life, love of living, love of people, and yeah, love of music. It defies its own title so completely and diligently that it never even seems like a fair fight: There's no pain this deep or yearning this severe without the type of love earned over a lifetime."


  • 1. Overflows
  • 2. Me & You & Jackie Mittoo

  • 3. Void

  • 4. Staying Home

  • 5. Low F

  • 6. Trees of Barcelona

  • 7. Breaking Down

  • 8. Out of the Sun

  • 9. Your Theme

  • 10. FOH

  • 11. What Can We Do